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Blue Peris Cottage

One of my favourite places, located in North Wales on the opposite hillside from Snowdon across the Llanberis pass.

Blue Peris Cottage is the home of my Mum and John Smith, whom she married in 1989.
It is a slate built building which was originally a barn with an adjoining cow shed.

These pictures were taken at Xmas 1996 when the electricity was cut off.
Thank heavens for old fashioned candles and a log burning fire. Oh yes, and the new fangled gas cylinders.


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View from the Bangor side of the main entrance.

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View from the Llanberis side of the old balcony, looking down the lane, the outbuilding on the left is the garage.

Blue Peris Cottage is set in half an acre of its own land which is a long thin strip, edged by the old railway line and the lane. It is mostly overgrown, which makes for good fire kindling. It also has a number of holly trees which make for good decoration at Xmas.

Mum and John run two green houses and grow a lot of their own vegetables and salads. They do like cooking and have a kitchen full of cookbooks and the right cooking equipment. I usually get spoilt rotten when I go there (not least with a well stocked wine Cellar - well it's the garage attic in fact). It's a very tranquil and quite place so I find it very relaxing which is why it is one of my favorite places.

More pictures may follow.

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